Q: How do I join the Facebook Group?

Joining the Facebook Group is easy. Make sure that you’re apart of our Premier Membership.  If not sign up HERE:

If you’re already a premier member and haven’t signed up yet follow these steps to join ASAP:

  1. Add Mike Casavant as your friend on Facebook.
  2. Private Message Mike to say, “Yo Mike! I’m new to IFA. Please add me to the group.”
  3. When he adds you, read the “Start Here” and don’t be shy make your first post.

Q: Can I do my box’s programming?

Yes! IFA Members combine programming in a variety of ways: all-in, strength/power-only, and/or mix-and match.

Members who love to wod with a group usually perform the IFA Strength/Power programming and then do the daily WOD with their box. Other members cherry pick throughout the week and run their own program. And still other members run their own programs, but use the community for coaching critiques, support from other Masters Athletes all over the world, and all-around FUN.