Injection Week 2

Day 1

A1) Barbell (BB) Floor Press 5RM

A2) Weighted pull-up 5RM

*Superset A1 and A2 going back and forth until 5RM is achieved in both


B1) Incline Dumbbell (DB) neutral grip chest press x 8 reps or (sub-max)

B2) DB row x 10 reps / per arm (sub-max)

4 Rounds



50 DU's

200m run

40 DU's

400m run

30 DU's

800m run

*Rest 1 min between rounds


Day 2

A) Hang snatch 3RM. Then using 3RM complete 95% x 3 reps and 90%x 3 reps.


B) Deficit snatch pulls with a 2 count pause at the knee (stand on plates). Then complete 3 set x 5 reps @ 105-110% of  above A) Hand snatch 3RM.


C) Back squat 8RM with a 2 second pause. Then using 8RM complete 95% x 8 reps and 90% x 8 reps. NO PAUSE.


D) Airdyne 20 cal chase. 8 rounds max.

Start at an easy pace 20 cal for first round.

Try to beat the previous rounds time until you can't.

*1 min between rounds.


round 1- 1:40

round 2- 1:10

round 3- :58

round 4- :45

round 5- :38

round 6- :30

round 7- :25

round 8- :25


Day 3

A) Behind-the-neck (BTN) jerk 3RM. Then using 3RM complete 95% x 3 reps and 90%x 3 reps


B) Push press 3 sets x 5 reps @ 90% of Week 1 - 5RM Push Press


C) Jerk recoveries 1RM


D) 1 mile run followed immediately by 1000m row.


Day 4  

A) Clean complex. Floor+hang+front squat= 1 set. Work up to heaviest possible set.


B) Deadlift (DL) 5RM



Toes-to-Bar (T2B) 15

    Med Ball Slams 12 (20/14)

Burpee Box Jumps 9 (24"/30")


D) 4 rounds not for time

Prowler push 100ft

    Backwards prowler drag 100ft

*Load prowler with 85% of bodyweight

*Rest 1:1 (These don’t need to be sprints but tough)


Day 5

A) Close grip bench press 1RM. Then using 1RM complete max reps @ 80% and max reps@ 70%


B1) Dumbbell Row x 8  (Heavy but able to achieve 8 reps)

B2) Single Arm Neutral Grip Standing DB Shoulder Press x 10 reps/per arm (Heavy but able to achieve 10 reps/arm)

B3) Band Face-Pulls x 20 (moderate band tension)


C) 4 rounds (21-15-9)

KBs (53/32)


True Push-Ups Off Kettlebells

AB-Mat Sit Ups

  • q-iconWhat is the recommended workout schedule per week?

    We recommend 3 days ON, 1 day OFF, 2 Days ON. An ideal week would be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday — ON, Thursday — OFF, Friday, Saturday — ON. Sunday — OFF.  We understand that every person has a different schedule and this is just a template.

  • q-iconWhat if I can't complete all 5 days in a week?

    If you are not able to get in 5 days a week, keep the days IN ORDER. For example: If you only get to train 3 days of week one, start week 2 with day 4 of week one.

  • q-iconWhat if I just want to lift and get my WODs in with my regular class?

    If you want to focus on mainly lifting, and hitting the other days with your class, the main days you’d want to focus on are 1,3,5.

  • q-iconWhat if I need a substitution because "I don't have a rower, can't run outside, etc."?

    Click here for the Substitutions Page.

  • q-iconWhat are Rep Maxes and how do I do them?

    Have a general idea of what you would like to work up to that day. For example:

    – “I’d like to bench 225×8 today”

    – DO NOT do sets of 8 all the way up.

    – Ex: 45×12, 95×8, 135×6, 185×3, 205×1, then attempt 225×8.

    – If too light go up next week.

    – If too heavy, go down next week.

    – If you only miss by 1-2 reps, stay there and try again the following week.

  • q-iconWhat does "heaviest possible" mean?

    Work up until failure. If you complete a set at 225, jump to 235. If you fail there, stop. 225 was the “heaviest possible” set that day.

  • q-iconWhat is a superset & how do I do it?

    These workouts are to be done with no rest between the 2 exercises. They are listed in workouts as A1 and A2. These are super sets. After one super set is completed rest for no more than 60 Seconds.

  • q-iconShould I round %'s of weight up or down?

    Round weights to easiest number with weights you have. We understand that most gyms won’t have 1.25lb plates so do your best. For example: 90% of 225 would be 202.5. Just go down to 200.