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Posting a Critique Overview

The Inner Circle Facebook Group is where the

coaching magic happens!

If you haven't already signed up to be a part of this savage group click here to add Coach Mike as your friend on Facebook. Then, he will add you to the group where you can be apart of the magic.

**Make sure you message him when you add him as a friend and say "Yo Mike, I'm all signed up and ready for GAINZ"

Once you're in let the video critiques begin- upload your video and questions and tag the appropriate coach.

For deadlift/bench/overhead & most squats, and nasty WODS - tag Mike Cassavant & Peter Sannicandro.

For olympic lifts (clean & jerk + all variations, snatch + all variations), tag Taylor Guillemete.

It's okay if you're a little nervous and shy at first, but I guarantee once you get over that first post you will become addicted.

Not only is our coaching staff superb at their art, but the entirety of the community is supportive, welcoming, and is a WEALTH of invaluable information, tips, techniques, and tricks.

What are you waiting for?

Post often, have fun, and get after it!