Power Program

Week 8 Phase 2

Get Strong AF!



Unsupported Seated Shoulder Dumbbell Press 3x8

Military Press 3x5 (55%)

Dumbbell Reverse Fly 3x10
Band Face Pulls 3x10
Plate Forward Raises 3x10
*Triple Set. No Rest Between Movements. After Plate Raises, Rest 60 Seconds. Repeat*


Back Squat 3x5 (55%)

2 Kettlebell Front Racked Bulgarian Split Squat 3x6/per leg

Band PullThroughs 3x10
Hanging Knee Twists 3x10/per side (slow & controlled)
*SuperSet. No Rest Between Movements. After Knee Twists, Rest 60 Seconds. Repeat*


Bench Press 3x5 (55%)

Diamond Push-Ups 3x10
Dumbbell Rows 3x10/per arm
External Rotation w/Band 3x15/per arm

*http://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/detail/view/name/external-rotation-with-band* Video Link for External Rotation w/ Band


*Triple Set. No Rest Between Movements. After Door Opener, Rest 60 Seconds. Repeat*


Weighted GHD Slow Parallel Sit Up 3x6
(Slow AF. Get To Halfway Point. Keep Upper Back Rounded. Slow Going Back To Start Position. Keeping Constant Tension Throughout Movement. 5 count on the descent, 5 count on the ascent.


Deadlift 3x5 (55%)

Pendlay Row 3x6
Seated Band Hamstring Curl 3x10
Russian Leg Curl 3x4
*Triple Set. No Rest Between Movements. After Negative GHD , Rest 60 Seconds. Repeat*

ToesToBar 3x6
Weighted Russian Twists 3x10/per
*SuperSet. No Rest Between T2B & DRT. After DRT, Rest 60*

You Completed Week 8 Phase 2

Your Power Program Coaches

Mike Casavant

Peter Sannicandro

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow long does each session take?

    It depends but most of the sessions will take you 45mns.

  • q-iconI hate squatting, can I still run this program?


  • q-iconI feel like my strength is pretty good, should I still run this program?

    Nobodies strength is “pretty” good. There’s always room for improvement.

    8 weeks to set yourself up for the rest of the year is how we like to state it.

    Endurance is relative comparable to strength.

    Who’s going to deadlift 225 for more reps in a wod, the 300lb deadlifter or the 500lb deadlifter

  • q-iconWhat do I do for metcons?

    We have provided you a consistent progressive template to add into your weekly training schedule. Because of this, it’s opened up the variety for you to slay a wod with your box, or add in the other training disciplines that you’d like to focus on.

    We also have two new wods posted Tuesday and Friday each week, as well as a Metcon bible of over 200+ wods if you ever feel you’d like to vomit with pride.

  • q-icon Can I run the program four days in a row?

    We do not advise that by any stretch.

    We like to focus on a 2 on 1 off 2 on protocol for maximum benefits of the program.

    Obviously everyone’s schedules will be different and some may not have that option.

    If you can’t adhere to this set up, touch base with us in the Facebook group so we can better advise you on what your schedule looks like and how to maximize your progress.

  • q-iconI just want to focus on powerlifting and not Crossfit©, will this program get me ready for a meet?

    No question. Again, if you’re training specifically for a comp, having access to the coaches will help us help you outline the best plan of attack with the program at hand.

  • q-iconWhy is there no specific conditioning in this program?

    As I mentioned above, we have new wods and a book of 200+ for you to access whenever you’d like.

    We found that all of our athletes run our power and Olympic parts of our programs and cherry picked the wods through out the week.

    We like to offer variety which is why we love

    Crossfit© so, we have made built an essential volume strength template which gives you the option to add in what other components you’d like.

    As we get closer to testing 1rm’s we will have some guidance to scale things back towards testing week so you’ll have the best chance of SLAYING a new Pr..